6 DIY Spring Home Improvement Tips for Your Northern Virginia Home

6 DIY Spring Home Improvement Tips for Your Northern Virginia Home_mmk realty llc

Are you looking for spring home improvement tips for your Northern Virginia home? Let us face it, DIY repurposing is not going anywhere anytime soon. Why, because there is so much to love about repurposing old items. Not only can you explore your inner creative self but you can usually save a lot of money by going this route. Pretty much anyone can dig around their house and find some old scraps that can be put to good use to recreate something new. Additionally, purchasing raw materials from a hobby shop or hardware store can be much more affordable (and usually higher quality) than the premade knockoff décor lining store shelves these days. The main point of finding a passion for repurposing is less waste. We do not need to throw out everything we own every 3-5 years and replace it with new stuff just because. Not only is that expensive, but it is incredibly wasteful. So when building the décor for your home, think about each room and each piece of décor strategically. Will this item last? Will it stand the test of time? Can I repurpose it down the road? Below you will find some tips for adding new DIY décor to your Northern Virginia home as well as repurposing what you already have.

Spray Drip Canvas Wall Art

If this brings to mind urban graffiti–that is not this. This stylish DIY wall art is very easy and is something you can do yourself with a trip to the hobby shop. Simply purchase a blank canvas and a few cans of spray paint. Think about complementary colors like black, pink, and gold for example (choose any colors you like of course). First, test out a few looks on sheets of paper to make sure you are getting the color scheme you want. Then, when you are ready, prop your canvas horizontally and simply apply the paint in a somewhat random design. Do not overdo it though. Then, prop the canvas up vertically and spray generously with water. From there allow the paint to drip down. Once dry, apply gold to the surface using metal leaf adhesive and a small paintbrush. You may choose to frame the piece or hang as is but either way it will be a cool (and custom) addition to your home.

Stenciled Doormat

This is a fun way to update your doormat and personalize it to your lifestyle. Simply purchase a blank coco coir doormat, a stencil of your choosing, black latex paint, a paint brush, masking tape, and something to protect your paint surface like a drop cloth or newspaper. To get started cover your surface area to protect it from paint splatters and spills and arrange your coco coir doormat and supplies accordingly. Next, use the masking tape to secure the stencil to your mat in the position that you want. Using the brush and latex paint, carefully paint the area inside the stencil until fully coated. Allow the paint to dry and consider adding a second coat depending on how well the first coat dried because coco coir is very absorbent. Allow to fully dry and then remove the stencil. Place your new mat out front and get to stepping toward your next project!

Style the Bookshelves

This is a really fun way to spruce up a room! Gather any hardcover books you have around the house and arrange them neatly by size and color to create depth, texture, and vibrancy on your bookshelf. The important thing to know here is you want to pair like colors together. If you do not have a lot of books, spend a Saturday and hit some yard sales or thrift shops. If you are able to put together a few bundles of different colors, consider tying the bundle together with burlap for a little added pizazz.

Repaint the Front Door

Assuming you have a front door that can easily be repainted, this can be an easy way to give you front entryway some pop. However, you do not want to go crazy here. Do your research and make sure the color you choose compliments the rest of your house. Sometimes adding a crazy color can be overkill if the rest of your home does not really jive with the color you choose, particularly if you have siding, shutters, or custom trim. If your home is made of siding for example and is a bold color, you are not going to want to also make the door bold. If you have green shutters you probably do not want to paint the door purple.. Of course it really just depends but absolutely do your research and look at a lot of ideas online before making this change. When you finally choose a color, make sure to use a premium door paint for the best results.

Spring Door Wreath

These days I really love the idea of making a door wreath using mostly greens with just a few flowers added. It is simple, elegant, and transcendent. To make the wreath you will need a wreath form, boughs of greenery, floral wire, and complementary flowers (white works well). To start, take a few boughs of greenery and bunch them together at the base of the branch. Place the bundle against the wreath form and use your floral wire to secure the form–be sure to wrap the bundle base several several time until it is well secured.  Experts recommend that you do not clip the wire right away. Instead, simply layer your next bundle over the last one, wrap with wire and repeat until you have filled the entire wreath form. Then. wind your wire several times around the base and then clip. From here, you can fill the wreath in with a few flowers by sliding the stems into the greenery wire bundles. Ta-dah! Hang and admire!

Succulents and More

Love it or hate it, succulents are all the rage right now—and honestly, they are pretty cool especially if you are into making a custom DIY repurposed pot for it. Succulents are popular because they are able to survive on limited water resources making them ideal house plants. However, you will need a very well-draining pot, a sunny location (at least 6 hours of sun per day), and good planting soil. Because succulents are part of the cactus family, they need a well-draining mix of potting soil, coarse sand, and pumice. The biggest things to consider with a succulent are that people are prone to over-watering them and that they need to be fertilized once a year in the spring. But, with minimal care and nice pot, you can easily add a little life to your home with these popular plants.

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