MMK Realty Supports Brain Injuries in Virginia

Brain Injury Support Virginia_mmk realty

Brain Injury Support Virginia_mmk realty

Understanding Brain Injuries in Virginia

In Virginia, brain injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion acquired brain injury (CABI) affect thousands of individuals and their families. These head injuries may be caused by a variety of sources, including car crashes, slips and falls, athletic events or armed forces engagements. According to the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, there are over 150,000 Virginians living with a disability caused by TBI.

The aftermath of TBI can be devastating for survivors and their families. Many TBI survivors may experience physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, balance issues and difficulty with coordination; in addition to cognitive challenges like memory loss or trouble concentrating and emotional difficulties like mood swings or depression. Cognitive challenges could involve memory loss or trouble concentrating on tasks at hand. Emotional issues might encompass mood swings or depression.

It is crucial for those affected by TBI or CABI to have access to support services that cater specifically to their needs. One organization making a significant impact in this area is Brain Injury Services (BIS). They offer free programs designed to help survivors regain independence while improving overall quality of life.

  • Raising awareness: BIS works tirelessly not only to provide support but also increase public understanding about the prevalence and effects of TBIs/CABIs.
  • Educational resources: The organization offers valuable information on topics related to coping strategies after sustaining a brain injury through workshops and seminars conducted throughout Northern Virginia communities.
  • Promoting research: By collaborating with other organizations within the field like the Brain Injury Association, BIS helps advance research efforts aimed at improving treatment options for TBI survivors.

In conclusion, recognizing the scope and repercussions of brain injuries in Virginia is critical for guaranteeing that appropriate assistance is available to those impacted. Organizations like BIS play a crucial role in providing assistance tailored specifically to the needs of TBI and CABI survivors.

MMK Realty Supports Brain Injuries in Virginia

Understanding brain injuries in Virginia can be a difficult and overwhelming process, but with the right resources it is possible to navigate. Brain Injury Services (BIS) offers a variety of aid to assist those with brain injuries in Virginia, enabling them to regain their footing and lead lives that are fulfilling.

@Brain Injury Services is a cause near and dear to our heart and MMK Realty along with WJD Management are proud to once again support this organization and their efforts to help children and adults with brain injuries build the skills and confidence they need to lead a fulfilling and productive life.

They have helped over 600 clients strive to achieve an array of person-centered goals through their clubhouse/day program, case management services, and pediatric program. WJD Management is proud to support this worthy local cause.
Brain injuries affect more people than most people might think – soccer fields, bike paths, playgrounds, etc. – concussions aren’t small injuries, and both serious and more “routine” brain injuries have potentially life-altering effects. Even what may seem like a simple concussion can have long-lasting impacts on the ability to earn, learn, and live a happy life. The dedicated staff at Brain Injury Services works to repair lives, recover possibility, and restore hope. BIS’ innovative programs and services help survivors of brain injuries, their families, and caregivers as well as the communities they live in.